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QA and study

Work and freelance

  • Toptal - exclusive network of the top 3% of developers and designers in the world
  • Upwork - find freelancers to tackle any job, any size, any time

Useful services

  • JSFiddle - share and edit your code online
  • CodePen - playground for the front end web
  • CSS Gradient Generator - a powerful Photoshop-like CSS3 gradient editor
  • Ceaser - CSS easing animation generator
  • Preloaders.net - best animated preloaders collection
  • Font Squirrel - font collection and best Font Face generator
  • Font Awesome - best icon-font with 500+ icons
  • TinyPng - lossy compression for PNG images that preserves full alpha transparency
  • Closure Compiler - best way to compress your JavaScript code
  • Grunt.js - the JavaScript Task Runner
  • Gulp - automate and enhance your workflow
  • WebPack - takes modules with dependencies and generates static assets
  • Trello - organize your things. I do it here
  • Unheap - a tidy repository of jQuery plugins
  • Travis CI - test and deploy with confidence
  • You Might Not Need jQuery - Know how jQuery works and use it only if you need
  • Google Developers Web - learn How to Develop the Next-Gen of Applications for the Web
  • web.ByPeople - a growing repository with lots of collections & resources for web ninjas

Recommended plugins

  • Normalize.css - a modern, HTML5-ready alternative to CSS resets. Must have!
  • Animate.css - easy tool to add CSS animations to web page
  • Moment.js - parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript
  • D3.js - JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data
  • Handlebars.js - build semantic templates
  • Prism.js - lightweight, extensible syntax highlighter

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