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Denis Ineshin

Denis Ineshin (IonDen)

Hello, guys. My name is Denis. I'm Front End developer at Booking.com. You may also know me by my nickname IonDen. Currently i live in the Amsterdam, Netherlands.

I like web and open source community and i'm very proud that i'm taking some part in it. My main goal to help you guys develop your projects better.

I know that web is still very young, and there are not so many high quality products. I want to do as much as i can, to solve this problem.

If you want to contact me about plugins, please write a comment or create ticket at plugins GitHub page.

If you have something to discuss, please use this email: ionden.tech@gmail.com.

If you want to ask me some questions about JS, HTML, CSS etc. please consider to ask it on StackOverflow.

If you are looking for a job, try my friends:

Booking.com Amsterdam Moscow Exchange Moscow Badoo Tech London / Moscow


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